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Concerted development of the European civil nuclear industry

Published on 3 May 2022

The European Atomic Energy Community was set up to promote the development of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. It also aimed at the creation of an entity capable of competing with the nuclear development of the most advanced countries such as the United States.

By setting up this Community, it is indeed a common project that the founders wanted to develop.

To organize the development of the nuclear industry in compliance with its core principles, the following objectives have been set out:

  •    fostering European research and the dissemination of knowledge (Chapters 1 and 2);
  •    coordinate investments in the Community (Chapter 4);
  •    setting up joint undertakings (Chapter 5);
  • ensuring a fair and reliable supply of nuclear materials to community users by establishing a supply agency (Chapter 6);
  •    establish a common nuclear market and facilitate the conclusion of insurance contracts to cover atomic risks (Chapter 9);
  •    promote international cooperation in the nuclear field (Chapter 10).

  • It should be noted that the concept of framework program for research and technical developpment (FP) inaugurated by the Euratom Treaty has been incorporated into European Union law, as has that of joint undertakings.

    On the other hand, the creation of a "supply agency" remains a model that is still unique in European law.

    To be noted too, the "enhanced cooperation" concept of European Union law is not yet applicable to the Euratom Treaty and to the nuclear field.