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Published on 3 May 2022

The framework programme of the Euratom Community for nuclear Research and Training activities finances research activities related to nuclear energy (fission and fusion). To adapt to the length of the European Union framework programme (7 years), the Euratom programme is executed in 2 parts, the first on 5 years, the second on 2 years.

The previous programme (8th) was published in the European Union Official Journal on 11 December 2013 (Council regulation n° 1314/2014) and has a budget of 1603 M€ for the first 5 years period: 728 M€ for fusion (excluding ITER), 315 M€ for fission and 560 M€ for the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC). The programme was extended for 2 years through a new Council regulation published on 15 October 2018 (Council regulation n° 1563/2018), with a 770.22 M€ budget: 349.83 M€ for fusion, 151.58 M€ for fission and 268.81 M€ for the JRC.

The current programme (9th) was published in the European Union Official Journal on 10 May 2021 (Council regulation n°765/2021) with a budget of 1 382 M€ for the first 5 years: 583,3 M€ for fusion, 266,4 M€ for fission and 532,3 M€ for the JRC.

France is ranked first as regards consortium coordination for this research programme. 


The CTE is the Fission National Contact Point. In this regard, it is responsible for disseminating information and making the research and innovation community aware of European programs linked to the Euratom PCRD.

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