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Not interefering with national strategic interests

Published on 3 May 2022

Defence interests:

Article 84 of the Euratom Treaty provides that the safeguards may not extend to materials intended to meet defence requirements which are in the course of being specially processed for this purpose or which, after being so processed, are, in accordance with an operational plan, placed or stored in a military establishment. This provision must be read in conjunction with Chapter VI (Specific provisions applicable on the territory of nuclear-weapon States) of Regulation No. 302/2005 of February 8, 2005 relating to the application of Euratom safeguards.

Steadily, the European Commission has never sought to extend the application of the provisions of the Euratom Treaty to the field of defence.

Nuclear security:

The Euratom Treaty does not contain any provision on physical protection, the fight against sabotage and malicious intent, or intervention in the field of nuclear security. These domains are particularly confidential and do not lend themselves to community treatment. They are not apprehended by the Euratom Treaty and come under the sovereignty of the Member States.