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Fission and Fusion Committees

In order to implement the Euratom program objectives defined in the regulation concerning fission and fusion energies (excluding ITER), the European Commission adopts the annual work programs related to the implementation of indirect actions (research and innovation activities carried out by participants from member or associated states and to which the Community or the Union brings a financial support).

In the execution of this mission, the Commission is assisted by a Committee that meets in two different configurations, dealing respectively with fission and fusion related aspects of the Euratom Programme. The “comitology” regulation (regulation (EU) n° 182/2011 of 16 February 2011)  lays down the rules and general principles concerning mechanisms for control by Member States of the Commission’s exercise of implementing powers through the committees.

The Commission distributes to the committees’ members its annual work programs proposals on which CTE consolidates the French position in relation with concerned administrations and entities. The proposals are then discussed within the committees that adopt, amend or reject them.

The Commission regularly informs the committees of the overall progress of the implementation of the Euratom Programme and provides them with timely information on all results of indirect actions proposed or funded under the Euratom Programme.

French experts appointed to sit in these committees come from the following entities:

    •    Fission Committee: Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, MESRI/DGRI and CTE (representatives), Ministry for the Ecological Transition, MTE/DGEC (expert)
    •    Fusion Committee: MESRI/DGRI (representative), CEA/DRF (expert)
Published on 3 May 2022