Comité Technique Euratom

The Euratom Technical Committee (CTE) was created in 1958 at the same time as the Euratom Treaty and its missions have evolved over time, as well as its name. Originally called “CTI” for "interministerial technical committee for Euratom", it became CTE in 2005 standing for "Comité Technique Euratom". 

Since its creation,this Prime Minister technical entity has been in charge of following all matters related to the implementation of the Euratom Treaty in France and, in particular, has brought a technical support to the Euratom section of the General Secretariat for European Affairs (SGAE).

CTE is also the French authority for Nuclear Safeguards implementation in France. Nuclear Safeguards are applied in France by the European Commission (Euratom Safeguards) and by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).

Over time, CTE was assigned with other missions linked with international commitments taken by France in the nuclear field and Government-to-Government assurances. As a national duty, CTE is one of the stakeholders in charge of the supervision of nuclear material transfers between civil and defence fields in full compliance with French international commitments.

The Prime Minister Decree n° 2011-607 dated 30 May  2011 specifies CTE missions

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